Bad News Or Good News?

If you had the choice to listen to good news or bad news, which one would you pick?

Yesterday, while I was watching the evening news and only getting bad news from our world, I was feeling more and more aware that somehow, even though I am at the other part of the country, or the world, I am still affected by them. And then, I thought that maybe if we did watch good news on TV instead of bad news, that perhaps our perspective to make good deed would be switched from indifference to motivation.

I am not begging to not hear the sad news at all. I would only implement a time to the news for bringing upfront good news or information that is beneficial to the citizens by motivating them to pass on the torch of good actions taking place, put emphasis on it and make it spread all over the network platforms. It would certainly reduce the stress intake while watching the news.

The Good News should not only be read as for a Holy Bible synonym. It should be a witness talk, alive, to bring people together instead of bringing up breakups. It would enlighten everyone’s life, make everyone feel better. But at the bottom of this question, is the society willing to get healthy or is it built up to maintain the world into half-apocalyptic post-crisis?


One thought on “Bad News Or Good News?

  1. I am in the same mind. I don’t remember a year starting off with quite so many horrific events. One of which was in my home town. I’m sure there are plenty more people with a mind set like ours and the good deeds and good news will be back on the wagon soon. 🙂

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