A New Year. A New Beginning.

The year 2014 has come to an end. For me, it was quite full of experiences. I will not deny to be happy to see coming up 2015 on the fast track. I have decided to start the year on the right foot. Therefore, even before it started, I had taken time to reflect on the past year, on the achievements I have made. I took some time to look through and to decide on what I want to do next. What goals do I want to reach for this present year?

Since I am 25 years old, I decide to put up 25 objectives. Some are big. Some are small. Some are in the short term. Some are for a long run. Either way, there are objectives where I will put my own persona first, and improve my very own self on several aspects (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional to name a few). Now, I am definitely not aiming to get perfect (perfection is just too closed-mind and unearthy), but I simply want to look in the mirror at my reflection, and be happy to see the person that I am. I simply want to embellish it inside out.

Happy New Year EveryOne and make the best out of your precious time while you still have some.



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