I’m Alive

Some of you may think I have forgotten to talk some more over the blog. Unfortunately, I was hit in a car crash two weeks ago. Hence, I did not have much time to come online and jot down some thoughts. Nor did I have the energy to do so. The worst is now behind. Soon, only a memory will remain, when all the changes get done. Since I do not want to get a poor you victim look, and I am not writing here to look even more miserable, on the contrary, I am here today (or perhaps tonight) to let you know I pass this close to not be among you anymore. I was real close to die (which was a good thing to not really fully know it when it happened, due to the shock).

Therefore, I am now ever more grateful to be alive. I am grateful to get a “second chance” to life. I am back on my feet, indeed. But ever since, my sleep is troubled. I do not really blame anything. Holidays are almost around the corner of the week. Before the car accident, I was getting into the mood of doing a 40 consecutive walking days, in order to prepare and acclimate my body for the camino. However, someone who was not all there on the road hit me, well, not me but my new car. I basically got nothing compared to my car.

I was already shifting my mind before this incident, hence to be more simple: I want to put my life in order, not to be impeccable, but to not allow junk get in the way of my creativity, or if the worst would occur, to not make my family and friends suffer more of my loss by having on top of that the thought to declutter my life’s remain. NO! I am not a burden, and I hope to never be. If I leave something behind, I want it to be meaningful, not clutter. Even if I am still a bit shaky with all the PDST, I feel more stronger than ever.


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