Camino Preparation

As I am in a reflection period, I am also getting myself prepared for the Camino with thoughtful preparation and also by simply living. Many people prepare themselves for the Way of St. James as any trip. However, most who go walking in this path come back changed, even found when lost through the noise in their life. I know that if I compare myself to some others, I am fortunate to already have experienced the Camino and its attraction. Therefore, I might be more aware of what is coming ahead for next Summer. Yet, I am still putting myself anew into this preparation. In fact, this time, I am actually preparing myself. My preparation might not be daily, but it does cross my mind every once and then when I am busy with other activities. And yet, I can tell myself that it I push myself to accomplish one more thing, even when I feel too tired to pursue on. My next camino, I want to live it up to the fullest. I also know that even if I get myself very prepared, I might not even be properly prepared. Each day brings its own burden and joys. Hence, I am preparing myself, but not in a frivolous way. When I decide to put some time on my camino budget, my schedule, my readings, my trekking trips or even journaling, I know I am fully committed to my preparation. And it is well to act this way.


4 thoughts on “Camino Preparation

  1. You will truly meet some amazing people on the Camino. Don’t be afraid to converse.. I met some amazing people from all over the world.. South Africa, Austrailia, Germany, France.. the list goes on. Random advice…Some days you may feel like you want to quit, but a good cafe con leche will fix you right back up! Trust me.. cafe con leche will be your best friend.

    • I was planning on doing it this past Summer. Hence, I would say planning far in advance is not so off the path. Afterall , you need to be well prepared to fully appreciate it in the present moment. And the Camino is not like a week at the beach! ¡Buen Camino!

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