Days Are Shrinking

I do not know if it is only me, but these days,  I feel like the days are getting shorter and shorter just by looking at my agenda. The days are passing by and my to-do projects are increasing. I do not know if it is because I have a creative mind, but I sometimes encounter people who have no clue what to do to not get bored. I believe I am not eligible for that ‘category.’ Even though I enjoy every project I get myself involved, I am hit by the blues of Fall. Hence, I sometimes have to slow down and listen to my body, this beautiful engine that allows me to get along and through all my activities. Even when my mind feels like going on, I have to bring some limits in order to keep my body within its good shape.

Like we are used to take care of our objects, I am more than aware to keep this body of mine healthy before it becomes weak and ill. I see the society in which I live getting old. As a matter of a fact, each day at work, I am face to face with illness (even grieving sometimes). Even when I do not have the energy to cook myself a healthy meal or go out for a walk, I put myself up, because I know it is only now I can actually give myself more life for the years to come, while my body is still functioning all in all properly. The actions of today create the consequences of tomorrow. Before getting on the “health system,” I rather claim my life’s energy and keep on going healthy.


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