Is Life A Race?

As I woke up this morning and drove to work, I thought there might be a tornado or something coming up. Normally, my work schedule is right before rush hour on the streets. However, this morning, I felt like I was one of the last people to keep her cool while driving. Around me, cars were zooming in the city at a fast pace. Several cars cut me, just to be one car in advance at the red light.

We are already two feet in November, and I haven’t close the garden yet. Now that Halloween is over, I see Tempos and Christmas decorations taking over houses. I feel like (or I am too slow or time passes so fast) I barely see days going on the calendar. My to-do list seems to suffer the same time trick. Days are shorter at this time of year. As I am reading a French translation of Zero Waste Home by Béa Johnson, and am preparing myself for the camino next year, I feel more and more the urge to simplify my life and own it rather than being owned by a schedule or stuff I need to do.

Life should feel lovely and beautiful.

We should not be enslaved with our burdens. As humans, we like to complicate ourselves and overdo it and then get overwhelmed; surpassed. One of the sayings of my grandmother was, why complicate things when you can do simple? Well, Grandma, you taught me well. And I intend to do so.


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