Have We Lost Common Sense?

This week, I decided to ride to the library and enjoy the sun. However, on the road I had to get on busy boulevards, almost ride in the opposite direction of cars in order to get onto the biking trail. Only then, though, there were several pedestrians walking within the biking rail when the sidewalk (only made for pedestrians) is just beside, two feet away! Even more, once I was off the biking trail and back on the ‘regular’ road among cars, I felt like I was alienated, since drivers were having no clue how to react and drive along my side.

Seriously, I think our society who cherishes so much our security is literally killing our common sense. In the city, most of the time I realize most biking lanes recently made for bicycles is not used for its proper use. Most of the time, the riding trails are not properly connected for bikers to go and come around for their trips. Before hitting on the bike trail, I feel like I need to put myself even more in danger than if I were only going to ride on the right side, with vehicles going in the same direction as I.

Then, I found also several bikers riding on the opposite side of the road, when there is a bike lane especially designated for their use. I also see some bikers having a nice chat, riding one beside the other, and completely obstructing the right boulevard lane of two, obliging drivers to be at a 20 km/hr speed when on a 50 km/hr limit area. I remember reading bikers should be in a line one after another in the road guide for my driving exam…

Even more, pedestrians and drivers are passing on red lights, texting in action, impatiently cutting the lane of another moving car. And I will not even mention how the winter here removes any previous painted line on the asphalt and its consequences, on top of potholes and construction detours.

Instead of educating common sense, people are treated like babies by adding on and on laws and rules for security reasons? Because someone was too stupid to cross at the right place, in the right time? These measures cost us even more than if we simply could live in a more socially connected way, where what one does affects the next person.

Just last week, because there was two shot soldiers, we would need to reinforce our safety and even bypassing the human rights for a protection against a possible threat? An eye for an eye will not bring us back a feeling of security within our boundaries. It will simply put us even more into an armed defensive mode. And we all know arms are not a solution. We simply need to reinforce being acute to common sense and stop acting selfishly, sheepishly into what the media and fashion prescribe. We are not robots. We are human. We need to get in touch with our humanity.


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