Turning Point

As I just finished watching a TV show, I just feel as if my life is on a turning point. Everything seems to be related from one thing to another. My thoughts, my readings, the novelties in my life… Everything could seem to be upside down for an outcast. But for me, everything seems to finally end up in one direction. It is like if all the pieces of the puzzle, my life, were now being turned, and all I need to do is to put them all together.

Maybe if my new reality would have come into my life a month earlier, I am not so sure I would have responded as optimistically as I just did last week. I now feel that strong wind putting me in one specific direction: discovering my full potential and get ahead in my life, not only for me, but for the others too. Some people might envy me, but I would say, what is there to envy, seriously? Before getting back up, and learning to fly no matter what, I first had to go down. To fall. Before looking up at my dreams, and be passionate to move on, I first needed to make a reset onto every single thing I believed to be solid ground.

The earth has shaken more than once under my feet, and I am not afraid anymore. I am ready to face up my dreams and bring them to life. I want them to be true, because that is a driving force for me to end this misery. I am not saying I am miserable. On the contrary, I have never felt as happy as in the present. I have learned a lot about life in a very short time frame. I have no more time to be afraid. In fact, I like everyone just have a life, and I want to make the most of it happily.


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