Looking At the Bright Side

Since I woke up early and saw the moon still full glowing through the bathroom window, I realized it did not feel so dark outside, at 5 am. I woke up early, because I thought I would work this morning shift. Meanwhile, on the road, I felt blessed to be able to work without hitting the traffic blockage on the roads. Even more, I was feeling happy and singing an Ave Maria while gratefully driving on mainly green lights. Then, once at work, my colleague arrived. And then, she started talking with a panicky voice; she realized she could not be able to work on the afternoon shift today, the one she was scheduled… And there I was. I decided to let her take my shift, and I would swap with her pm shift, since I had nothing definitely planned. I was a bit sad to have woken up and came in for nothing. However, as most of the time, I looked at the bright side: I would gain two paid hours for my colleague’s unorganized life, I would finally be able to read when there is the Sun rising in my bedroom, and it will not be to bad going back home, especially when I am counter traffic circulation. And here I am, smiling at the awakening Sunshine. Have a lovely day!



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