Day of Beauty

This past Saturday, there was a special event at my parish, which was called Day of Beauty. I am happy of the response we received from the parishioners. During the whole afternoon, there were people coming in and going. Several did take part of the exhibition, and others could connect with the artists on the spot, or simply share thoughts on beautiful items and its story.  I believe the whole event did a pretty good impression, and it seems to be a recurring event for the future, since I heard some people talking about next year’s Day of Beauty. All in all, the objective was met positively. It was a lovely rainy afternoon, where the whole parish was alive as a beehive. Since there were other activities within the church, it brought in some curious people and allowed them to discover talents and gifts of special parishioners. One major thing through this beautiful exhibit was the fact that a priest of the parish voluntarily offered to give a teaching upon Beauty. It gave us the true value of beauty to the bone. Therefore, we were able to connect our Spirituality with Beauty and make one with God’s gifts and creation. And this event came from a very kind parishioner, who, had heard of such a thing through a book (Already Within – Divining the Hidden Spring by Daniel J. O’Leary).


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