Heading Towards Bigger Goals

Today, it feels like Fall already. Although, I had the chance to sleep in today, since it was a day off for me. At first, I felt like I would miss out on the day. However, it turned out I did enjoy every single minute of the day since I was fully rested to get some things done. For the next couple of days, I would certainly be more busy. Thus, I prepared myself with some delicious meals already good to go!  I finished some things that needed my attention. I took the time to be present in whatever action I was taking. I decided to try out my bike for some grocery shopping, and I liked it. I felt good about myself for letting my car having a day off too. And, most of all, I just walked beside a milestone: I booked my plane tickets for my camino next year! I am so happy I managed to get around the dates. My planning is still in need of some adjustments, but I figured I would have the required time to make my dream, a shared dream with my mother, come true. At last! Now, I really need to put myself on the physical prep if I wanted to make it for 800 kms within 40 days. I just need to stay focused. If there is anyone who wants me to bring up some prayers over there, I will be delighted to do so. Just give me a sign, and I will see what I can do.


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