Finally, I was able to put back my closet space in order! It took me some time, although I have thought it thoroughly, and now,  I am satisfied with the result. Since we are in the midst of weather ups and downs, I decided it would be a good time to bring handy warmer clothing that were stored away for the hot season. However, I felt it would be wrong to put away light clothing, especially if high temperature would decide to give a stance a bit more. But bringing together all my clothing was a bit of a challenge. I know I have a drawer, but sometimes I feel like my closet is upset that I fill it all up with rummaged clothes that I have no clue where to put.

Hence, when I could no longer see where to head, I went back to the kitchen and started cooking a few dishes. It put my focus on something else I wanted to get done today. When I decided it was time to go back to my bedroom and attack the huge pile on my bed, I felt like it did not seem like a mountain anymore. Perhaps, I would be able to get it done within an hour. My energy was back and happy to finally finish that puzzle.

While organizing the whole wardrobe, I definitely talked to myself about clothing shopping. I am already in a personal pledge (no clothing buying for a year), and since the 26 of July, I have not bought any clothing! By looking thoroughly through my whole closet, I strongly reiterate my pledge. Some clothes would definitely need to be out before any other piece gets in. And if they become out, it would mean I have properly wear this clothing piece for its life. At first, I felt overwhelmed by all this clothing. However, since I know I am on a pledge for another 11 months, I know I will not have to worry much about my mix and match kits. I have plenty enough to serve my creative mind!


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