A Sad Truth

Today, I assisted at to Sunday Masses. However, the life among both parishes is completely different.

This morning, I was at St. Luke’s in Dollard des Ormeaux. I am part of that community since a couple of years now, even if I live in Laval. Since my very first experience at St. Luke’s (St-Luc) I feel like I have finally found a haven. It is completely bilingual, alive, young, vibrant, and most of all, multicultural. It simply feels as welcoming as a lovely handmade knitted sweater in which we wrap ourselves. Ever since, I knew I was saved from being faithless. Every single time I come back from there, I feel energized, happy. And I decided to get involved as a young adult within this community, because I want to give back what I have received from this very St. Luke’s. If I am still Catholic today, it is thanks to this God’s presence among the whole community.

This afternoon, I attended the 5pm Mass in my neighbourhood parish, because I was told the Mass was in honour of my mother and grandmother among others. It has been several years I have not put a foot within. And yet, I remembered why I did not come. It is a sad truth. But the truth still needs to be shared. During my attendance, I have realized that this parish is probably as old as St. Luke’s. These areas evolved in the same period. However, the prosperity once seen in this neighbourhood parish has gone with the time. The pews are barely filled. The pastor is on his own to celebrate with a single servant. The pastor is doing the one man show. The sound of his voice is bouncing on the walls of the empty church. I barely hear a thing of what is said. Thank God I can follow with my French Living in Christ. The prayers through Mass are without Praise songs, and when there is a song, it is barely audible, or without any tempo. Now, I know I am not supposed to judge. However, I have eyes to see, a heart to feel, and I ache to be attending Mass in a morbid atmosphere when we should be proud to be Catholics and celebrate the Glorious Cross!

While at home today, I watched TV, and there was a documentary about the Israel land for the Jewish people. Again, I was faced to see what war in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East had done to the Catholic churches. Completely burned. From what I would see though, even through the darkness, there was light. Some crosses remained firm through hardships. A rotten image of Christ had survived on the wall of the first church turned down in Egypt in the turmoil of politics.

Today, I did not simply go to church. I took part to a community celebration where we decide to choose Jesus, whom on the cross, saved us all. He made Himself sacrifice, the son of God. The very least I can do is thank Him.

Today, I did not simply go to church. I decided to get involved at St. Luke’s, because I want to see this parish alive and joyful. I give my gifts and talents to be part of Christianity, Catholicism. I know we are blessed here to live freely and pray openly. I want to keep that right, and pass it on the next generations after mine. Today, I decide to wake up and walk wherever I am called to go.


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