Flower Pots? Well, Thank You!

This morning, I have a thought that I would like to share:

When someone throws at you a flower pot, you should thank them.

Why is it so? Because if you are persistent enough and stick where you are and for what you believe in, you may well see the sun after the storm. Flower pots are made to receive flowers and put them at a nice place in order to enjoy the fragile beauty of life. Hence, keep a flower pot closeby. At some point, someone will give you flowers.

Nowadays, some people just sit on their bacon and expect to bear more fruits while eating their very own grapevine. However, most of us know that in order to receive, we must first give. The world will not fall on its knees before us. We need to look after ourselves and create with what we have. We sometimes need some tuning with our gears, or completely change gears, timeframe.

If we look with a new perspective, we open up our very own eyes after keeping dirty glasses on. An action brings on reaction. But a reaction only cause more reaction, and nothing changes. Therefore, we should always keep the pattern Action-Reaction, Action-Reaction over and over. 


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