Oh! Camino, My Dear, Dear Camino

Once again, I am back on my Camino 2015 Planning…

I do want to make it next year. That is a fact and an ardent desire. I am also trying to figure out exactly how many days I will need to make this dream come true. Will I need to ask for extra vacation days or not? Am I booking a flight right away, especially if it would look fairly low cost? Or will I regret to have booked it already for next Summer? What does my itinerary look like? Is it too much? Is it balanced? Now, what will I definitely bring along my backpack? If I want to achieve the 800 kms of the camino francés, within the time frame I am allowing myself to, should I preconize bringing less than a bit too much? Will I regret it? Will I be fit enough? How much do I literally need over there? Do I make my budget in Canadian and convert or already set it in Euros and look for the best time to change it? 

As you can see, this Camino 2015 is bringing up several essential questions. I know I still have 10 months before starting it in France, but still… A year passes so fast nowadays! I just need to figure my settings properly in order to assure myself of walking the camino happily. 

As a saying goes, it is not the destination that we thrive, rather the way to get there that is worth the most.


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