Show Off Your Colors!

This past weekend, I had the privilege to be part of a big family gathering. Many descendants from my great-grandfather paid tribute to his life. It was a simple, yet plenty of witness talks and praiseworthy. This man was illiterate and did not know how to calculate. Even more, he built life in a village from Gaspe. He got two wives and many children. He built a schooner, all built-in wood. He was a farmer, an entrepreneur, a captain, a churchwarden among many other functions in the village. This great man did know how to put forward all his talents. Every evening, he was asking a family member to read him the newspaper in order to know what was going on elsewhere from his village. He was a real pioneer from his time. He worked hard, he somehow showed us what is the true meaning of life.

Today, we have much more resources than what my great-grandfather ever had in a whole life. We have several degrees in our back pocket. We have an easier lifestyle. We are spoiled, and yet we do not appreciate all what we have. Sometimes, I wonder what my ancestor would think when he would look at his heritage, his craft…


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