Camino Prep

Today, it’s been two weeks I have started to think again of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I had already started my preparation since the last time I was at my ending of walking St. John’s Way in Spain. Ever since, I miss everything from it. The encounters, the menu del peregrino, the albergues, the yellow arrows,¡Animo!, the shells, the people, the nature, the ups and downs of the road… It is now been two weeks I seriously feel the Camino calling me. Hence, I am reading anything on the topic, I have decided to buy myself a national park annual pass in order to properly prepare my body for next Summer. It is now official. I have definitely set a date to not only say words without action hanged to them. I mean it and mostly, I need it. People who are walking on this journey or have been will understand my feeling. For others, I might appear to them as someone weird and insane to want to walk across a whole country on the other side of the ocean for a full month, more or less, and take by foot 800km. Yes, it might seem a bit out of any normal people´s mind, but to me, this thing, the Camino, it means a lot. I do not have enough words or way to tell people how we feel when we are on it. It is hard to explain. It is so intense and one the things in life where I feel everything falls into place, where everything feels right. While I am preparing myself for this journey, I am also thinking on how I would be able to let other people know how it is like to walk the Camino and what it brings in ourself.


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