Ghost Town

For the past two weekends, the city where I live seemed like a ghost town. Many people went away for the long weekends, I guess. It is to say that we had St. John the Baptist Feast on June 24th, which is mostly celebrated now as a national and patriotic day… to have an excuse to party and get loose, basically. And then, for the past July 1st, it was  147th Canada Day. However, in this part of the country where people celebrated nationalism the week before,  it is mostly known as the Moving Day. Most bails for renting apartments are settled to be ended or begun on that very July 1st. Therefore, we do not see much festivities, rather many rental trucks and fridges and stoves on trailers moving all around. It is also to say that many people had plans to enjoy the beautiful weather we had. I had the privilege to go wherever I want and not figure out how to drive through traffic, since the streets were quite empty. I was able to park where it suited me, and I had plenty of room and time to do my errands peacefully. I felt as if I were suddenly living like the characters of a novel I read, Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin; they were walking in a deserted NYC and could enjoy themselves as they wished. I wonder if ghost town is now synonym to La dolce vita


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