What FIFA Looks Like From Here

For a few weeks now, since all Canadians knew the Stanley Cup would not be theirs this year, it is the FIFA fever. In Canada, we apparently have a soccer team. However, it is far away from Brazil’s World Cup. Therefore, most people are still attached to their native countries, or they just figure out to be another country’s football fan. All that you can see on the cars, on the streets, in sports bars, it is a sea of flags from all over the world. You can also spot here and there people wearing jerseys from varied teams. It is quite incredible to view all that flag waving, especially when a Canadian flag is barely touched nor in the air. I know we are a country with multiple faces and cultures, but still, the Maple Leaf is only shown for the Olympics and close to parliaments. People are more willing to cry out loud any other patriotic hymn than our very own. I am still debating if seeing such enthusiasm for sports and basically none for the roots of our country would be a good or bad thing… Let’s just hope one day a Canadian team will be part of the FIFA World Cup!


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