Work, Work, Work

Last week was a pretty big one at work. I did have “two days off” before hitting back on duty. However, my “two days off” were not what I would have called so free.

On my first day off, I ended up at a big ceremony at church where I sing to underline marriage anniversaries. Fortunately, I got some loose, because a group event did not take place. It gave me some time to do some catch up readings. But I still needed to plan my week, month, and vacations.

On my second day off, since my father had his week off work for home duties, I pretty much sweat it all under a good sunny 31°C . I basically had some chores to do before my father’s coming. Hence, I labored the garden and pulled the weeds out from the good herbs to keep. Then, the windows needed a wash. The to-be-sold car needed some thorough clean up. And my new car too! (Although it was not as dirty in comparison.) I had a laundry load and dishes to do. And, on top of that, a big choir practice for another big event coming up at the parish.

It is to say that when I saw my bed at the very end of the day, I was pretty happy to finally put my head on the pillow. Especially before the need of switching to off the alarm clock for another full week of work. Enjoy and work hard!


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