If You’re Happy…

Today is one of a kind. I was determined to rain check everything that was on my agenda. Hence, I woke up a bit early. However, I had a pang in the stomach that kept me for quite some time ko in bed..until it ceased bugging me. Then, there was no time-wasting for appreciating a peaceful wake. Coffee was to be drank while baking some delicious banana muffins with peanut butter and chocolate as frosting. Then, I had to full the dishwasher and push start before rushing to the shower, since there was no time left after some cleaning around the house for a bath. My day was a Go! Go! Go! one. However, when I was at the door step to go to work, I had the feeling of mission mostly accomplished. Today is one day where I did not want to drive mad in rush hour. Therefore, I left a bit earlier in order to enjoy the ride in my (already) one month old bug-like car. Once at work, I decide to be quite efficient at it too. I did my regular tasks and decided to time frame myself to write some article I accept to submit. At break time, I felt like I needed my caffeine fix. So, I head out to go pick up my favourite cup of Joe, even though it was somewhat raining. Since I started my day fully energized, I decide to keep on going the good habits. Why not go for a walk in that beautiful park right beside work? So I did and was thrilled to savour the moment on my own with these fresh colours of Spring. I felt as if I were travelling in my own town. Funny, isn’t it? Especially when I am one of these people who cannot wait until the next journey around the world. What can I say? I got that travel bug in me.



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