About Look For Rent

Yesterday, I had a visit for an apartment in the afternoon. When I arrived, I felt this place seemed really good, and finally, the price for being on the second floor was getting close to my budget rent cost idea. Everything was good, except one tiny thing; it did not have a parking space apart from being on the street. I was happy to see I could finally visit some place more acceptable than a prison box. Seriously, many apartments are situated in basements, and when you read renovated, you wonder where there has ever been some renovations done there. Anyhow, I cannot believe some owners would allow such tiny places with very rubbishy atmosphere be rent. Anyone claustrophobic would get into some crisis, obviously. And, where does the furniture go? Hmm… Back to my apartment visit, it look great. The very single argument that down it into the drain was at the cost. I have calculated my living cost, and sadly, it would be killing myself to have taken it. Freedom was there, but if I were extremely tight on budget, I would not have been able to save and get myself a better cushion for some emergency. The thing is, I do have a job. The only thing is my schedule is so random, that even if I would want to fit a second job, I would be very wondering how to fit another schedule when mine is changing time and day shifts weekly. It would be good to find a second job where I would just need to get there at some point and punch my hours, whenever my schedule has a day or half a day free… And it is not because I do not like my job, on the contrary. Only that life’s cost nowadays is not cheap. So, I will need to be more patient before actually renting an apartment. I will save more and try to find something that suits me better, for my budget. And who knows, maybe my second job is just on the corner, and it will totally understand my lifestyle with hectic work schedules.


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