Got Talent? Maybe If…

Every now and then, I watch TV shows and people getting on some “booty-talent camp” to get to be known and famous, and also learn to improve their skills and face the public. Now, my question is: Do I got talent, too?

Maybe if I would be more pushy on myself for keeping on daily track some practices for the so many talents I got, my family and friends say… But still, is it really some potential I just faint on ignoring or am I really good at it? I constantly question myself on how true, or how good am I at singing, or painting, or writing/editing/translating, or speaking the six languages I have learned. All of these talents would require me to take all my free time for practice and learning. I am probably a natural at all of these skills. I know people around me are impressed by what I can do and I am shy to say, I really did not practice at all, or I am brand new to that. I have just observed and jump onto the moving train. Then, I have to remind myself one thing that is true: we are our very worst judge of our own selves. We are very strict with our criteria. And we do not miss a beat on telling our performance that we could have been better. Always.

Therefore, I think most of us, who have no coaching for every single thing we do or have to do to keep on working hard and acting socially, we are :

A) on our own;

B) struggling with our self-esteem;

C) not into the social circles where we can get noticed to be put on an altar for celebrity;

D) bored and tired before even pushing our own talent forward to get known slowly but surely.

I believe all of us have a little something special to give to the world for making it a better place. However, it depends of our very own values to determine which talent and when to show it to contribute to building and creating an environment more prompt to openness and variety. We often get crushed with our ideas and thoughts by the social system already put in place. I hope every single person can somehow find her or his place in that big puzzle of life.


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