Clutter Before Moving

As I look around in my bedroom, in fact, the family house which does not feel anymore like a welcoming home, I see a complete disaster residual. Except my brand new shiny car, there is no order in my life. Yes, I have a job. Yes, I have a car. Yes, I have a university degree. Yes, I have friends, good ones. But at the end of the day, I get back to that cluttered place, wounded inside out by a parenting absence. I know I am 25 years old. But still, being most of the time on my own in this huge house where I am constantly reminded I do not tidy it up enough for Mr. Perfection a.k.a. my father is quite depressing. By July, I offer myself the price of freedom: getting my own apartment. However, these days, it is quite hard to find a place in a quiet neighbourhood, sort of close to services and at a reasonable price, or maybe more at a cheap cost for the rent. I know I do not earn that much, that I could go and find a better salary, however these past few years, I have been short on self-esteem. And when I look around, most of my generation is struggling to actually get a job. Therefore, I am somehow stuck in a position that provides me basics to live. I am dreading on looking for some places and call numbers, but I know I must do it if I ever want to keep sane. Wish me luck or rather that I find that Home Sweet Home feeling again.


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