A Day Off Not So Free

Today was my day off. I wanted to wake up a bit more early. However, my body decided to not follow my will. Anyways, I guess it is due to our bad-tempered weather. Anyhow, I manage to finally finished the book I had to return for 5 pm this afternoon, while I was doing two loads of laundry, towels and sheets. And since Miss Weather was all blur, I was peeking outside here and there to make sure my laundry was still drying in the shy sunlight and wind. I also managed to get back on track with some jewellery work, since I had put it aside for quite some time now, even though I wish to grow that little business of my partner and I. I also decided on taking back to the groceries the pop cans and beer bottles hovering beside my recycling container. This day was pretty much catching up and not going back to bed that soon. I wish I would have something better to tell you, but that was my ordinary day. I hope somehow my ordinary would upgrade itself to extraordinary…. Maybe once I would have finally found a new place to call home. I keep on walking with my hope 🙂


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