Turning On A Quarter of Century [part 2]

It did not take long for him to come back to us. We went thoroughly through the contract… to get directed towards the finance girl. Once you know you want that particular car, now you have to go through the wheel of insurances and car protection and all that bureaucracy we have no choice to deal with, but mostly, it is all about money and how much I want to be protected, protect others, pay, and get into a loop of perplexed add-ons…

That, I did not planned to go through. I knew time was ticking and I had to go to work afterwards… I was getting stressed, and was definitely relieved to have a witness with me, my law friend who knows too well where the line of over-protection gets crossed.

We finally made it to exit the dealer a bit before noon, and that is when I called to work to let them know I would probably be late… I felt bad, but I knew it would be quite impossible to get there on time. However, the problem with my work hours was easily resolved within the same day, since I was needed the exact time I missed from work. Hooray!

Then, I barely had the chance to get to my work load, especially after already being late and being celebrated by my boss and colleagues when I received a very first call from an insurer. The guy at the end of the line was way to sure of himself that his company would give me the best price… I told him three times I did not have the chance to actually shop around. I had to cut him before getting insured without my consent. Anyhow, I spent a good part of the night online sending quotes to several car insurers. I realize it was a whole new piece of puzzle for me to get to know, since I knew barely nothing about insurance. My best friend and I gave ourselves an intense 101 insurance course within less than 24 hours. I did not have the choice; if I want to get a good deal at a good price and be protected fairly without being over the top, I needed to get to know what to say to the next insurer calling me. Thankfully, I received the call from the very same insurer I wanted to make business with as I arrived at my friend’s house the next day. I was told I could benefit from a discount and all… With my phone in between both our ears, I found out I was having what I wanted, and at a fair price. My friend gave me a nod to let me know I could say yes to that car insurance. We could definitely celebrate for the full day now, since I had finished my research!

On Monday, I called the car dealer to let them know I finally had my insurance, and they could prepare my car in order for me to come and get it by the end of the day. All day long, I was holding myself together to not start jumping all around, since I was so excited. However, I could not focus much and was mostly spending my day turning on my own self. Again, I asked my friend to come with me, since I knew I was way too excited and jumpy to have a clear mind with the paperwork. She did understand me, and hop we went together to fetch my car. I still cannot believe I had to sign a zillion papers to actually get my key car. And not long afterwards, I could finally drive out the car dealer, and have a nice cozy drive to home. Ahhh!

All in all, I feel that this silver year is putting things on silver plates for me. After all, karma does exist!


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