Turning On A Quarter of Century [part 1]

This past Friday, I turned on 25 years old. Some people may find an angst to grow older and all, but I was so happy to change number, after two years where I was living somewhere below my satisfaction. I personally did not see my 23rd and 24th year coming nor going. So many events happened that I thought I was still 22. Well, I am happy to tell you now that I know I am 25 and I am proud to be. I feel I have really entered into adulthood.

For that new year beginning for me, I think I started quite grandiose. I thought I was only going to shop for a new car, since I already told you I am into a transition phase of my life to put my life back on track. Well, it turned out to be much more… I went with my best friend to the dealer to look around a car, and I wanted her to come with me for making sure I did not get caught up into some twisted contract deal. After all, she did study at the Bar School… I was very grateful for her to come with me and ask a few questions here and there. What I was looking for was there, and there was only one remaining car with a very good deal, and it was the color I was looking at a month ago. A brand new car, one of its year category… waiting for me. I did not expect to buy it on my very first car shopping visit at all. It was on a sudden. However, the price I was given and with all the specs I was looking for…. We asked for a few minutes on our own to discuss it. After all, getting a brand new car at such a low price would not be often seen. So, after checking with another friend and my best friend’s father, we knew we were having a good deal. And we waved our guy to tell him I was taking it. [next coming soon]

All in all, I feel that this silver year is putting things on silver plates for me. After all, karma does exist!


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