Spring Time Change

Since Spring is at our door, I feel I am unable to wake early. If I do not specifically need to be somewhere early, I doze until late morning. However, once the evening is close to its end, I am still fully awake. How strange is that? Have I passed from an early bird to an owl while we were returning to Summer Hour? Huh! Something in this statement rings false. I still don’t know why, though. I would have thought it would be quite the contrary, since we have more daylight and it is finally getting warmer. In the past few days, the thermometer is above zero degrees Celsius. Some said it was chilly today. I let them know we had chilly for the whole winter. If the temperature is sunny and above zero, it cannot be chilly, rather beautiful. We  need to appreciate what we get, especially when yesterday was quite a rainy day. Some did put that on the case that they did not see the expected results in the Election Campaign over here, in Quebec. Nonetheless, with or without that party in government shoes today, rain was expected since before the results of our votes anyway. So please, do not come out complaining the sky is crying like you. Actually, it was just washing us to make us cleaner. After all, everyone is breathing more easily in our united country, and neighbor countries too.


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