Spring Clean (Or Call It Renewal of Identity)

This Spring, I am into a complete clean up. I am not only decluttering my life, but also putting it back in order to put myself on the right path. Some may think I am not a desperate case, but others would definitely see my life as an after-war zone. It needs new energy, new freedom, new carand definitely new home.

Why am I telling this? Most probably to also put myself into action. I just don’t want it to stop after saying it. I actually need and have to change all in all. I am on the end of a transition of my life. In one week exactly, I will turn 25. By then, I tell myself, I should have more control over what is going on in my life, isn’t it?

Change is on its way, slowly but surely. When I look through my stuff, I feel I have a lot, and at the same time, I see what is missing for when I will be on my own in my apartment. I know life is always a work in progress, but sometimes I feel more like a five year old who cannot wait to receive her gift. Enjoy Spring Clean!


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