Schedules, schedules, schedules

We are Thursday. Tomorrow, we will say we are already at the weekend’s door, but as a matter of fact, the “weekend” is mostly known for people working 9 to 5 shifts during the week.

For my part, the “weekend” is obsolete, almost. Even for my entourage, Saturdays and Sundays have no particular meaning since they can be workdays. Nowadays, work schedules have changed shape, pattern.

In my generation, whatever-day it is named means close to nothing. Because our work schedule is out of the “regular” schedule, a day is a day. Or we work or we have a day off. It has gone to basics.

This back to basics is mostly seen within generation Y; we have seen the McDonald’s and Tim Hortons become 24hour fast food drive throughs, the Internet has pushed back the limits of time and space, the arrival of smartphones makes people available 24/7. Hence, our work/study schedules got extended through the full week, our downtime for leisure and family and friends has been fragmented, our alimentation due to all the activities we need to fit in our agendas was transformed, our sleeping habits too…

We used to say technology would increase our production, spare us time from simple tasks. Today, I would say we got the point where technology failed to do so, since we are asked to be hyper productive all the time, there is no wonder why half of population who follows this lifestyle is on drugs to keep on functioning “properly”. it is insane to think we can improve our society or even the human kind if we pursue on doing the very same things which cause our humanitarian illness.

Why don’t we just unplug for a limited time to keep our sanity and become more apalled to what our neighbor is doing. We need to get back to basics. It is a question of survival.


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