Rainy Day

After le printemps érable and the red squares getting on the streets, we are in Election Campaign. More and more, a huge gap is appearing among the insane political parties. None is white, none is black. All have serious misconceptions, but most of all,  3/4 want to split our beautiful country.

My very first ancestor came here 400 years ago to build this country. And today, we are acting like brats, who are never satisfied or happy with whatever decision is taken. We were spoiled at some point in history and so self-centered, that we forgot the rest of the world was spinning? Seriously, I feel ashamed to be a French-Canadian today. I am definitely more open-minded and tolerant about languages and cultures and religions. What I dislike is disrespect. Canada used to be that picture of a pacific country where you could live freely and without fear. However, I am not sure what it is now, especially after these past few years where other countries receive news from us that are far from what we could have imagined from a country at peace. I still cannot believe that some people will pursue on believing foolish values full of hatred.

We are now in the new century, a globalization era, where we see in other parts of the world countries unifying with others to be stronger (e.g. European Union). I just do not get to understand why ripping off a country might go well in the future. We are in times of sharing and helping one another if we want to sustain a reasonable lifestyle, where we need to get to know one another more than ever, and when we need to put our strengths together and our differences on the side. After all, we are all humans.

Then, why is there so much fight for language? Most of us globally speak a meagre percentage of all existent languages of the world. More than 80 % of languages are at risk of extinction and we fight for a language that has survived over more than 400 years and is still fully known and spoken? Come on! This must be a bad joke. There are worst issues. Perhaps, bilingualism, or pluralinguism should be more in vogue than ever. By learning another language, you only implement a better understanding of your mother tongue and the new language itself. It creates an environment to share and discuss cultural behaviours, all this in harmony and respect of one another. Why should we complicate things when they can be much more simple?


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