April Fool? No, thank you

On April Fool, many people want to just put a fish on someone’s back as a joke. I, however, will pass my turn. I think I have been fooled for way too long now. April is my birth month. And this year, I am turning to a quarter of century. I think I owe myself a fool proof moment after all. As a matter of fact, I take a pledge to not get diminished, or disrespected, to get a hold of myself and go forward into life, with a smile and a clear mind. For almost nine months now, I have been living in hell. Due to some radical lifestyles changes of the one living over my head, I endure with a strength that I did not know I had to handle all the drama and war and peace zone of the not so called home anymore. I will spare you the details of a full nine month sage, but if I were putting this into words, it would make quite a book, and the editor might ask me if this is fiction. I would definitely like the idea of being a fiction, but it is not. Sadly, it is a real story here. It is about my life. And most probably the very worst year of my life that I dread to remember once it would be in the past only. To come back to my point, the pledge, I believe that if I turn negative into something positive, my life should certainly come around the corner more beautiful than ever. I am on the path of freedom. Freedom at a certain expense, perhaps. However, it would definitely feel like a haven to me. ^_^ Enjoy the soon to be Spring time!


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