Have some Faith

Sometimes, I feel eager to post on Facebook some cute hopeful messages to enlighten one’s day and make us all realize a small change of mind can probably mean a lot to a painful rainy day. Hence, as I non only share good faith with my fellows, I do believe it gives us some faith to go on and surpass whatever daily obstacle we face. What makes me smile is when I see an image coming back on the Home page after some time. Like a wink, karma does come back once you have sent it to the world. You just don’t really know how or when it comes back. Which is why we must share the little hope we keep within us to keep us alive on hardships, and spread among ourselves. Hence, if we have some faith, something beautiful may come to us when we expect nothing at all. 🙂 Who knows, maybe you just gave hope to one person in the world. But still, one single person matters within the count. It is not the quantity but the quality herein that makes a difference. If someone is truly touched by that single little balmy message, then my mission is done here! I may not even be aware, but I probably save a life today. So, have some faith, please.


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