Frozen on the Dot

Spring has officially arrived. However, by looking outside, I would not be thinking so. I feel like a bear this year. I am slow at unfreezing my body to move and declutter for the Spring Cleaning. Especially this year, I would more than need a thorough look through all my stuff… But just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted. I realize I have quite some stuff accumulated over almost 25 years of my existence. And, to be more precise, I try to get into that less is more lifestyle. But still, I do not feel so enthusiast at the idea of literally jeopardize my stuff here and there. Certainly, there are things I could live without. I have not touched them for quite some time now. But it reminds me of my footprint in my primary stages of life. Toys, books, teddy bears, sports equipment, school books, photo albums… Name it, I have it. And, my main goal, would be to keep tidy all of my stuff before moving into an apartment (which I still need to put my hand on it), and literally start fresh. Easier said than done! Winter took over me and I am still frozen on the dot. Unable to make any accomplishment on the decluttering department. I keep telling myself that it is only a few months away… But still, I am frozen on the dot. Unable to move, unable to search properly, in fear of making that big adult step of living on my own, but aiming to get out of that place no more called home for quite some time now.


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