Book Love…

For the past four hours, I’ve passed my evening reading. Like a book I’ve read over and over, Book Lover written by Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack, I definitely believe more and more in having books for company. They never miss a moment. They are always reliable and waiting to be read. And most of all, they certainly are making me happy by bringing me into different settings, different perspectives from the world. All of this while sitting comfortably on the couch. Nowadays, I would probably hesitate saying openly so much about human company. I do not know though if it is only due to the communication changes we have seen in this very first decade of the 21st century, but it certainly did affect our behaviors and our way of interacting within one another. You might feel sad to hear so, but I think I would rather love to hang with books than with someone. Or maybe it is only my own perspective, since most people who know me will know that by seeing my face, they know how I am. I am an open book…


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