Ordinary Saturday


Today, I am living a pretty ordinary Saturday. Normally, I would have just finished working, or would have jumped out of bed early to go swimming or reading, or any other activities I would have had on my agenda. But today is only an ordinary weekend day for me, like the rest of the world. Therefore, I have decided to sleep in instead, and wear my pajama while getting awake with a good cup of black coffee sweetened with honey at a very slow pace.  I notice sometimes we try living in a rush, and in the end, we feel like we have gone nowhere nor done anything valuable. However, today for me seems like a sweet little gift to myself: to live fully the present moment. I feel that giving ourselves some down time is almost like something sacred; we finally can catch our breath, think clearly, and take knowledge of our mono-tasking by simply living in the instant. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now. Enjoy your Saturday!


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